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Here are some of the benefits of joining the Puppies on Ice, Inc. community:
  • Create an account to register your dog's frozen semen
  • Include up to three photos of your dog and his pedigree
  • Update your dog's information and your own personal profile
  • Listing your dog allows others to know he has frozen semen available
  • Your dog's frozen semen will be available long after your dog has left this earth - so registering your dog's frozen semen lets others know they can consider your dog when making their breeding decisions 

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REMEMBER:  Only purebred dogs with frozen semen stored and available may be listed on this web site.



Initial Registration fee of $25 U.S. per dog covers your dog's set-up and initial listing on the web site.

An Annual Renewal fee of just $15 U.S. per dog keeps your dog listed on the web site each year.

Start-Up Promotion:

The start-up promotion has now ended.

For dogs who participated in the start-up promotion, your first annual renewal fee of just $15 U.S. per dog will be due on August 1, 2010 and annually thereafter for as long as you wish to keep your dog's frozen semen listed on this web site.

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