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Grant's Kharben Copy, TT, CGC
K.C./ Monkey  
Owner: Julie Percudani

There is no photo uploaded for this dog.
Registration #: WP71693802
Date of Birth: May 20, 1996
Date of Death: June 05, 2007
Registry: American Kennel Club (AKC)
Pedigree: There is no pedigree document listed for this dog.
Notes: I had one of the last live breedings to Grant.To Date K.C. is the best moving Rottweiler I have ever seen yet alone bred!!He had surpurb balance and structure. He had a board topline and great angles. He had the best rear I had ever seen.He had typical Grant temperment= NO FEAR!!!! He was very social and had quite a vocabulary. His puppies posses his great show attitude , structure and movement. He was not a large dog only 105lbs at best, and could have used more head to be competitive in the breed ring. K.C. had multiple Best in Veteran Sweeps over top Specials ,and an AOM at an ARC Reg Speciality.
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