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Saarland JS '00, SudhessenJS '01 Jalk vom Wolfsberg II, BH, AD, Ztp, VPG3, IPO3, Gekort, CGC
Owner: Alex Wisienski

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Registration #: WS077433/01
Date of Birth: February 07, 2000
Registry: American Kennel Club (AKC)
Pedigree: There is no pedigree document listed for this dog.

Jalk placed in the top four placements every show he entered. Jalk is a very large dog with power and speed. He is an extreme working dog with intense focus and drive. He is truly the "TOTAL" Rottweiler. He is excellent in every environment whether it be in the home with family an other pets, in public with strangers, or on the field working. He is a real asset to the Rottweiler breed and a total joy to own. 

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